All About Late Night Snacks

What is a Late Night Snack?

The late night snack has gained popularity in recent years in the wedding industry due to the demand of later evening weddings. Picture this: your guests have had an amazing dinner provided by one of our exclusive caterers and even topped it off with a nice slice of cake–but the night continues! The DJ keeps your guests on the dance floor having fun until its almost time to leave, but guests have danced (and drank) their meal away…the obvious solution: a late night snack. Serve your guests a bite to eat before the party concludes and they’ll be talking about your epic event on the ride home with a satisfied stomach. Now the only question is, what’s on the menu?

Savory or Sweet?

When planning your late night snack choosing between savory and sweet items can be part of the fun! Both options have their unique appeal and can significantly enhance your guests’ experience. Savory options, like gourmet sliders or a charcuterie board, are perfect for those who enjoy rich, flavorful, and hearty bites. They provide a satisfying balance and can be paired nicely with your cocktails and heavier drinks like beer, making them an excellent choice for all-night partiers.

On the other hand, sweet snacks, such as a build-your-own s’mores bar or an ice cream sandwich offer a delightful treat that can add a touch of indulgence to your special day. Sweets are a great choice for couples wanting to give their guests more options than the standard cake dessert. They also provide that extra kick of sugar to end your night with a high energy exit.

Ultimately, the choice between savory and sweet depends on your personal preferences and the overall styling of your wedding. Some couples even opt for a mix of both, ensuring that all guests have something to enjoy. Whatever you decide, remember that your wedding menu is a reflection of your taste and style, so choose what delights you and your partner most.

Charcuterie by Vestals Catering

Specialty Snacks

Whether you want to feature your favorite place to grab a quick bite, or add flair by opting for a seasonal offering, specialty snacks make a big statement!

Serve your guests your go-to late night snack from your restaurant of choice! From Texas-proud Whataburger, to tacos from Taco Bell, indulge in your favorites that remind you of a good post-bar munchie session.

Soft Pretzels and Candy Corn Cake Bites by Vestals Catering

A seasonal touch like cozy hand twisted pretzels, spooky themed desserts, fresh summer watermelon bites, or even a hot cocoa bar can add extra festivity to your celebration and help guests get in the seasonal spirit that your wedding will take place in. Let your creativity flow and create the mood that you want for your day.

Ultimately, your guests are supporting your love and dancing the night away to celebrate you! Whether you opt for a late night snack or not, savory or sweet, classic or specialty, your guests will have a blast just the same!