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Tuesday - Friday: 10 AM - 6 PM


We offer tours during normal business hours on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as well as come and go tours from 10  - 6 PM every Wednesday. We also offer select Saturday and Sunday tours from 9 - 11 AM in the event that we do not have a wedding. Please fill out our contact form and we will get your private tour scheduled. 

before inquiring, have you read our frequently asked questions?

What is the maximum number of people the venue can accommodate?
The venue can comfortably accommodate 300 guests in all of the spaces. 

Do I have to use your preferred vendors or can I bring in my own?
We have 3 requirements regarding vendors: (01.) You must use our in-house bar services and security services.  (02.) You must choose from one of our 3 exclusive caterers. (03.) You must hire a coordinator or a planner that is approved (preferred or you can bring in your own).
For all other vendors: We will provide a preferred partner list of those that we have worked with time and time again to ensure a seamless experience. You are more than welcome to bring in your own vendors, but they must be approved by our team (have a legal business and insurance) prior to the wedding day.

What does the venue concierge do?
The concierge is there to make sure that your venue experience is seamless. They will answer all questions and give advice throughout the planning process, give site tours, handle communication with vendors regarding venue details, run your final details meeting, your point of contact on wedding day regarding all venue needs such as: lighting, provided sound, temperature, rentals, setup and breakdown, as well as maintaining a clean environment.

Is clean up included? 
Yes, the cleaning fee that is deducted from your damage deposit will be used for a full venue clean-up that is handled by our staff. You must remove all personal belongings and decor items during breakdown. 

Do you allow pets? 
We are full-on animal lovers and realize the importance of having your pets be a part of your special day! We have two options: (01.) You can have someone in charge of bringing your pet no more than 30 minutes prior to the ceremony and taking them back home or to a nearby daycare (we can send you options). (02.) We have created an area specifically for pets. This space has a small outdoor covered space that your pet is free to roam around in. The venue concierge will provide them with water and you are welcome to bring any other items that you would like. They are welcome to spend the day there and the concierge will check in. There is an additional fee for these services.

Are there any decor restrictions that we should be aware of?
All decorations must be attached with ribbon or floral wire. The use of nails, tacks, screws, staples, florist clay or tape is prohibited without written venue staff permission.  We allow candles in enclosed containers. Tapered candles are allowed as long as they are fully enclosed or LED.  You may use lightly colored fresh flower petals outdoors ONLY and silk flower petals indoors ONLY.  The following items are prohibited: loose glitter, tinsel, confetti, can sprays, crepe paper, rice, sand, birdseed, hay or hay bales, stickers, potpourri. 

How will my rehearsal work?
We cannot guarantee the use of our facilities the evening before your event due to availability. We can schedule your rehearsal at the time of booking for a morning rehearsal the day of or another time the week before and we will make note of your desired rehearsal day and time. Sixty days out from your event, we will review and schedule your rehearsal for the time and date desired, if available. 

Can we add on hours before or after our rental time?
Yes! We are only able to extend the event to 1 AM (1 hour breakdown from 12-1 AM) on Friday and Saturday nights for an additional fee of $800. If you would like to add on hours at the beginning of your rental, it is $300 per hour.

What is the best means of transportation to and from the venue?
We are thankfully located in an area where Uber and Lyft are available for your guests. We also have partnerships with wonderful companies that offer shuttle, valet, and specialty car rentals. There are great hotel options located in Denton (around 10-15 minutes from us), as well as more upscale accommodations located in Plano/Frisco (around 25 minutes).

How far in advance should we reserve a date at your venue?
Our bookings are handled on a first come basis due to availability. Venues are typically booked anywhere from 12-24 months out. 

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