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The Hillside Estate is a French inspired upscale wedding venue that offers a personalized experience for those who want to celebrate the special times in their lives in the most fabulous way. The venue provides a white glove experience from start to finish that is offered from the grounds, to the items included in the rental, to the world class service. The 17,000 square foot estate is located on 16 acres that is nestled among rolling hills with scenic views of the valley and lake. The location is easily accessible, yet hidden for seclusion and privacy.

The Hillside Estate combines a beautiful, unique space with a top-notch experience.

meet the family behind the vision

Josh and Brittney Samford + Joy and Bryan Miles

When Josh & Brittney were going through their wedding planning experience, the discussion of a family owned wedding venue began. It started out as a pipe dream, but after a year of searching for the perfect piece of land and another 2 years designing and constructing, the dream became a reality. The one thing that the family agreed upon in the beginning was to make sure that the venue was a space that felt like an escape from the typical wedding world. One where the staff was always friendly and inviting, where the entire estate was extraordinary, where our couples felt at home, and where each vendor that walked through the door felt excitement to be a part of the couple’s new journey. The Hillside Estate was founded on the same core values that our family lives by: dedication, compassion, having fun, and loving one another. We are so thrilled to welcome you to our family!

Brittney Samford - Our Founder
I have been in the event industry for years now as I own a wedding planning and design company. I have been listening and processing the core wants and needs from my couples during that time to make sure that Hillside has been well thought out and checks off every box for the newly engaged couple looking for their wedding venue. I truly value the feeling that our couple’s have throughout their planning experience. The communication of a venue, their policies and procedures, and the way they interact with both clients and vendors can greatly impact not only the couple’s wedding day, but also the time leading up to that all important day. If a couple does not have a wedding planner in the very beginning, a lot of these important factors get skipped over, so I wanted to be sure that our estate has already addressed those pain points from the start and all of our couple’s have a joyful experience from first contact through their first anniversary. 

The Team - Our Wedding Concierges
All of our wedding concierges started out as wedding planners before joining the team at The Hillside Estate so they truly understand the processes of a wedding and the needs of our clients. They have worked with many of our preferred partners time and time again and are able to answer questions and help along the way if you need a shoulder to lean on. Our team loves to have fun and celebrate with you while making sure that your experience is full of ease and enjoyment. 

The Vendors - Our Preferred Partners
All of our preferred partners have been hand picked by the staff as the best of the best that they have worked with over the years. 

Our White Glove Experience is made possible by a few unique features of The Hillside Estate

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