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The Hillside Estate was dreamt up in 2018 after Josh & Brittney went through planning their wedding. There were a few key items on their venue checklist:

  1. A location that was easily accessible, but felt secluded
  2. A beautiful space that was neutral for their decor and style
  3. Indoor ceremony location in case of weather

After searching for months and touring 11 venues, they realized that finding a beautiful space that could mold to any style while being secluded and having more than one main space was extremely hard to find. They ultimately settled on one that wasn’t in their ideal location, but checked most of the boxes.

Throughout that planning experience, they quickly realized how much a venue can make or break every detail of their wedding day. From simple items that weren’t communicated during the booking process to requests that could not be fulfilled, the experience was not what they had hoped for when planning such an important day. Brittney knew that she wanted to be a part of the industry during that time, but wanted to make sure that the experience the couple had was opposite of their own.

Brittney started out by opening a planning and design business so she could really learn the industry and get to know what couple’s are looking for and what other pain points exist that her and Josh did not have to navigate during their process. Two years later, she started The Hillside Estate construction process by working with other industry professionals who go above and beyond to make sure their client experience is seamless.

The Hillside Estate was founded on the same core values that Brittney’s family lives by: dedication, compassion, having fun, and loving one another. The family agreed that they would make sure that the venue was a space that felt like an escape from the typical wedding world. One where the staff was always friendly and inviting, where the entire estate was extraordinary, where couples felt at home, and where each vendor that walked through the door felt excitement to be a part of that couple‚Äôs new journey.

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce you to The Hillside Estate and cannot wait to share the experience with you!

The Hillside Team

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